Why Digital Mapping Utilities Is Important

Digital Mapping Utilities

Of all the components of utility design and engineering, digital mapping utilities have emerged as arguably the most indispensable tool for enhancing project efficiency, accuracy, and safety. This article delves into the importance of digital mapping utilities in utility projects and explores the myriad benefits they offer to project managers, stakeholders, and utility professionals. Understanding […]

What is 811? When Should I Call 811? 

call 811

Look around you next time you’re walking through the city, cranes everywhere. In neighborhoods, flags oftentimes mark the ground. Construction and excavation projects are only increasing in size and amount. Ensuring safety and preventing damage to underground utility lines is paramount. One crucial tool in this endeavor is the “811” service. This article aims to […]

What Does A Utility Engineer Do? 

Utility Engineering

The role of a utility engineer is critical in ensuring the efficient design, operation, and maintenance of utility systems. This article explores the responsibilities and tasks commonly associated with utility engineering, shedding light on the vital contributions these professionals make to the infrastructure that supports our daily lives. Understanding Utility Engineering Utility engineering encompasses a […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Mapping Underground Utilities with FieldSource

utility mapping software

Utility mapping is an important step of any project that requires excavation. Utility mapping software streamlines the process and makes your life easier. What is Utility Mapping? Underground utility mapping is a process that involves using geophysical techniques to create a digital map of things buried underground. This process identifies and documents underground utilities. It […]