ERPs for Construction: The Key to Cutting Costs and Streamlining Utility and 811 Locates Ticket Management

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When working on a construction project, one of the most crucial aspects you need to consider is locating underground utilities. With an estimated $61 billion lost to underground utility damage in 2021, it’s evident that a lack of utility locates efficiency is costing the construction industry big time. This is where ERPs for construction have become a game-changer.

But how exactly does an ERP system support utility and 811 locates?

The Role of ERP in Streamlining Utility Locates 

ERP software for construction is designed to integrate your diverse operational aspects into one unified system, facilitating efficient utility locates. A good example is when using excavation and underground work. 

  • Real-time updates: An ERP system provides real-time mapping of underground utilities, reducing the chances of your crew hitting an undetected line.
  • Data accessibility: With cloud-based ERPs, crews can easily access utility maps on their mobile devices on-site, improving job efficiency and safety.

How ERPs Save Time and Money with 811 Locate Tickets 

Processing 811 locate tickets typically involves a lot of paperwork and time-consuming manual tasks. However, with an ERP system, this process is drastically simplified. 

  1. Digital documentation: Rather than fumbling with piles of paper, all ticket information can be efficiently stored and managed in the ERP system.
  2. Automated workflows: From receiving an 811 ticket to proper closeout, the system automatically tracks and updates the progress, eliminating the typical back-and-forth communication.
  3. Error checks: With an ERP, it’s easier to spot and correct any errors in the tickets early before they can lead to problems on the construction site.

Real-Life Examples of ERP Impact on Utility Locates Management 

These two real-life examples illustrate how ERPs for construction save money and time in utility locates and 811 tickets:

Case Study #1: Maximizing Mid-Sized Resources

One case involved a mid-sized construction firm experiencing high wastage rates and time inefficiencies due to incomplete or inaccurate dig site information. After implementing an ERP system, they were able to automate and streamline their utility locates and 811 ticket management process, resulting in a significant reduction in wasted resources and manpower hours. Their ERP system also decreased the rate of costly damages to utility lines during digs, as precise locations were readily available in real time. 

Case Study #2: Startup Success

Another example is a small construction startup that used an ERP system right from its inception. The ERP provided an effective tool to manage utility locates and 811 tickets, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual and often repetitive tasks. The time saved was better utilized in business growth and expansion activities. The startup also saw a dramatic decrease in locate-related utility damages, contributing to its early break-even point and profitability. 

ERPs for Construction: Key Features for Utility Locates Management

Before we wrap up, let’s quickly look at the key features of ERPs for construction that help in utility locates and ticket processing.

ERP FeatureFunction
Real-time data accessFacilitates prompt and accurate utility locates
Cloud-based technologyEnables crew members to access information on-site
Digital documentationSpeeds up 811 ticket processing and prevents loss of documents
Automated workflowsImproves coordination and efficiency in ticket management
Error checksPrevents costly mistakes and delays in construction projects

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