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Built with the desire to find a better way.

Field by OpSource was built by professionals in the field for professionals in the field. We were tired of the old way and sought to find a better solution to field data collection that does not rely on paper. Papers go missing, meaning that records can go missing. With Field, all of your documents are kept in one place. Keep track of survey forms, photos, mapping data and more all within the Field app.

Born out of the resilience of our own internal crews, we knew there had to be a better way for contractors and utility owners to track and document field data. Whether you are a general contractor, excavation crew, utility owner, or municipality, Field can help you work smarter. 

Field will help you easily map and locate buried utilities underground. Unlike other systems, Field updates in real time during the mapping process so you can instantly see the coordinate point, giving you a more accurate result. You can easily verify everything in the field. 

Easily export your data and maps into a variety of programs including Google Earth, ArcGIS, Excel, CAD, and more. Field can replace a multitude of data collection apps and processes. Upload photos, take notes, and automatically generate reports with custom forms, site surveys, and investigation surveys. 

Implement paperless processes with Field. Manage your team, contractors, and subcontractors directly in the app. Hold your teams accountable with greater visibility of valuable data and insights.

Work Smarter with Field by OpSource.

Field is a powerful liability mitigation tool. Track and document near miss and hit incidents to utilities. With site surveys and investigation surveys, you can easily track and document all construction activities and incidents. Quickly and easily submit utility strikes to the Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT).

Collecting and tracking field data is more efficient with Field. Data entering and validation takes a fraction of the time without the need for error-prone paper tracking and paper records.

Easily update information and check records with your mobile device. Increase production and company efficiency with one application. 

All data is now uploaded directly in the field, ensuring a more accurate and verifiable data point. Eliminate truck roll outs without compromising on accuracy. 

Collect and maintain all of your documents all in one place without the need for paper records. Going paperless is easier than ever with Field. Keep your stakeholders informed with immediate updates to the dashboard.

Pre-loaded forms ready to be used, easily configurable for your business. Custom forms are easy to implement. Completing paperwork and tracking progress for pre-construction practices and construction work is made easy with Field. Everything is compiled in one app for complete data collection all in one place. Easily document locates and job sites before construction even starts.

Manage all 811 locate tickets. Manage inventory and easily track materials. Equipped with easy-to-read and sort Dashboards, all parties and stakeholders can easily track and manage projects.

Professional service

One app to do it all.

Field gives you access to all the tools you need. All in one place. Get the most out of your field data.

Field gives you access to all the tools you need. All in one place. Get the most out of your field data.

We have paved a new way with Field. Antiquated paper processes and procedures are replaced with streamlined, easy-to-use innovative, cloud-based software. Data management and tracking can be completed anytime, anywhere. Access all of your data and manage all of your projects from your phone, tablet, or computer with Field.