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One Application for Ticketing and Project Management

Managing drops, digs, and job sites involves a lot of information, documentation, staff members, and stakeholders. Drops revolutionizes the way utility providers and installation contractors do business. Providing faster data return, more efficient services, reduced costs and greater visibility through the drop lifecycle, Drops keeps sites documentation organized, stakeholders informed, and staff focused.

Connect with clients quickly and easily with Drops by OpSource. 

This powerful software easily connects those in the field with all of their documentation, job folders, and spreadsheets. No more passing folders and shuffling papers onsite or worse – losing key documents altogether. Keep track of all your important data within one application. Drops gives you access to powerful information at the tap of a finger. 

Drops helps teams deploy crews and equipment efficiently, helping to decrease costs and improve the bottom line. With the app, our customers automate job assignments and increase organization. Customers can easily access records with a click of a button – gone are the days of digging through old paper records. 

Drops increases visibility onsite, updating all relevant stakeholders automatically, decreasing wait times for clients, stall times on-site, and preventing unnecessary trips out to the site. It provides an authentic verification that keeps all parties accountable and up-to-date

Designed for the industry, by field-level industry experts.

Keep your projects in motion with little to no stall times. Drops is your all-in-one solution for ticketing and project management.

Applications you can trust.

Drops can help you.

Drops was built to solve everyday problems you face. 

Designed for the industry, by field-level industry experts. Documents are all accessible with the press of a button, anytime, anywhere. Increased efficiency with paperless software designed with your needs in mind. Documents are easy to find, easy to create, and even easier to share. Set up alerts when new tasks are assigned, track engineering notes, client authorization, productivity and more with Drops. 

Information is easily spread between crews virtually. Giving them access to important data anytime, anywhere. 

Drops keeps you in control. In control of your teams, the information they collect, storage of that information, and with whom it is accessible. 

Keep archives and records of service, such as original drop information and repairs. Add photos, diagrams, and time stamped materials to ensure competent performance and secure it for future documentation.  View information side-by-side for easy comparison. Complete records of approvals, compliance, invoices, spreadsheets, and other valuable information is all stored in one convenient place.

Communication is key to good client relationships, and miscommunication can be costly. Drops allows shared information and updates to progress, timelines, approvals, and required participation. With Drops, deploy and complete projects faster and gain greater visibility throughout the lifecycle of the drop.

Full Transparency of information to all stakeholders, including workers, supervisors, and clients. Approved users can view status of assigned tickets, get real time reports, and monitor job performance all without tracking down paperwork from employees.

Easily track invoices, digital records, and approvals all in one place. Organize and filter projects based on client, status, crew, and more. Connecting field staff with the back office is the magic of Drops.

Drops saves you time at every step along the way. This powerful tool simplifies the entire drop process with automatic ticket creation, notifying the assignee as soon as the ticket is created. Everything is compiled in one place in - all documents, billing information, compliance, and maintenance requests are easily accessible in Drops.

Streamlined billing services. Drops compiles all of your invoices into an easy-to-access platform. Quickly schedule out invoices and bills for clients, contractors, and subcontractors. 

Easy access to notes and data allowing a free flow of information from one crew to the next, saving valuable time and money. Keep your projects on track with Drops.

Better time tracking with Drops. The app helps you keep track of active build projects and routine checks. Each is kept separate within Drops for clarity.

Track how many orders are currently open, the service area, the stage of the project, and even the crew and equipment dispatched to the area. 

Easily discover delays and pain points with clock tracking. Monitor job performance to get crews on the job when and where they are needed.

Professional service

Drops Works

Designed by 40+ years of onsite experience, we understand what it means to place drops. No more tracking down crew members to get paperwork. No more lost papers or missing images. Tickets can be issued within minutes, giving real time updates to supervisors, stakeholders, and onsite workers. 

Get easy access to data with Drops. All documents, invoices, approvals, and data are stored in one place that can be accessed from anywhere. Increased project visibility with time tracking, accountability, and organized data. Deploy crews faster through streamlined processes and free flow of information to all applicable parties.

Drops is your one-stop-shop for ticketing and project management.