Field-Ready Software

Securely Synced to the Cloud

Field-tested, field-approved. The OpSource suite is your go-to for field-based data management. Our software suite is easy to implement and easy to use for you and your crews.

Why Choose Us

Our IOS-built and Android apps are designed to work alongside your current equipment. OpSource makes managing your data easy.

Easy Implementation

Part of our mission is to make things easy on you. If it’s not easy, your team won’t use it. We know that so we’ve made it easy from the start. That includes the implementation process. All of our services are easy to implement and can be fully implemented into your business in less than 30 days.

Scalable and Configurable

Different projects and different companies have different demands. Each software we have built can be used for businesses both big and small. Each interface is completely configurable for your needs. Your customers have different wants and needs as do projects. Our software is built for clients large and small, and ready to grow as they do. Each feature and functionality can be uniquely configured to your needs and that of the project.

Easy Data Management

Antiquated paper records are replaced with cloud storage that can be accessed from anywhere. Crews can easily collect and store valuable data. The OpSource suite streamlines the entire data entry and management process at all steps along the way. This gives visibility to management anywhere in the company and let’s you operate at the speed of business.


Our Services

Built for the field, by people who know the field.

Field, Drops, and Builds are the future of document tracking, data management, and project management. With 40+ years of field experience, we put our knowledge and expertise to the test to bring you solutions to everyday problems you face.

Born out of the resilience of our own internal crews, we knew there had to be a better way for contractors and utility owners to track and document their data. Out of necessity and a drive for something better, the OpSource suite was born. 

Each software is designed to solve everyday problems that your crews face. The OpSource suite streamlines complex processes into user-friendly processes to increase productivity, saving you time and money. 

Field-tested, accountant approved


Get you access to all the tools you need - in one place. Keep track of survey forms, photos, mapping data and more all within one application. Replace time-consuming paper processes with user-friendly, cloud-based software. Data management and tracking can be completed anytime, anywhere.


Drops provides faster data return, more efficient services, reduced costs and greater visibility through the drop lifecycle, DropSource keeps site documentation organized, stakeholders informed, and staff focused.


Design, Engineering, and material specifications are seamlessly integrated together into one easy-to-use platform. BuildSource has the capability to bring all of your field-based processes into one place with visuals combining maps, analytics, and reports.