Service overview

Smarter Project Management with Builds by OpSource.

With Builds it all just works. Our app provides you with powerful data integration. Field-based processes meet the cloud with easy-to-read dashboards that ensure visibility throughout the project lifecycle.  Our technology can help Power, Communication, and the Utility sectors be more productive and organized. Builds helps to track Mapping, Planning, Billing, and Payment for contractors and operators.

Design, Engineering, and material specifications are seamlessly integrated together into one easy-to-use platform. Builds has the capability to bring all of your field-based processes into one place with visuals combining maps, analytics, and reports.

Project tracking made easy with comprehensive dashboards.

Easily keep track of all of your project’s with Builds. Check construction status and visualize workflows. Get status updates in real time, letting all of your stakeholders know exactly what’s going on with the project. 

Use the dashboard for a full view into your project, easily visualize data, monitor tasks, and see your data in a fully interactive way. Each step of the process is easily viewable, giving you extra levels of awareness throughout your entire workflow.

Configurable to Fit Your Needs.

Builds is completely configurable to fit your business needs. BuildSource is adaptable and scalable. Automate your workflows and save time with streamlined tracking of materials and of construction status progress. 

Builds works for you and makes project management smarter. Our software allows you to automate tasks and integrate your data, increasing production and decreasing costs, allowing you to make informed decisions throughout the entire build process.

Software you can trust.

Automating Workflows with Builds

Designed by people who know the field, for people in the field. 

Increase visibility in the field with real-time status updates. With Builds, you can get real-time updates of project status, including what is going on in the field and materials with automatic updates.

Automate workflows with Builds. Automatically deploy email reports when a problem arises. Easily estimate remaining bills of material (BOM) costs for projects without the need for time-consuming processes like spreadsheet tabulation. 

Integrate Builds with your favorite mobile data collection apps. Trigger email reports with custom messages if any delays or problems arise. Customize invoice reporting all within the Builds app. 

Remove the need for costly paper workflows and the threat of lost documentation with integration and automation from Builds’ digital workflow system.

Builds automatically sends status updates in real-time to applicable stakeholders. The dashboard automatically updates, keeping you in the loop about project statuses. Easily track budget and materials. Automatically get accurate redlines back to customers.

Professional service

Builds Works

Builds works by making your job easier with easy-to-use software. Our software integrates important information about your project all into one place. Get real-time status updates with clear portrayal of information that is easily digestible and quick to find. We use weekly cup sheets to save time in invoices, from 5 weeks on average, to just one. 

Increase workflow efficiency and eliminate the need to spreadsheet tabulation. Get a clear picture of project profitability and free up time that was once spent doing tasks that are now automatic. Send real-time alerts, get status updates, and keep all stakeholders in the know with easy data integration all into one easy-to-use platform.