Shaping the Future of Construction with Industrial Software Solutions

industrial software

Imagine keeping tabs on an orchestra of tasks, schedules, resources, and deadlines – when you work in the construction industry, that’s a normal day in the life. Or so it used to be.  Now, the beat of this complex industry flows seamlessly, courtesy of industrial software.  Let’s look at some of the major software solutions […]

How Construction Management Software Reduces Long-Term Costs

construction management software

Think about how handy it would be to predict and control costs and budgets on your construction site. Well, that’s what construction management software offers. These tech tools can optimize and simplify your budgeting process, from initial cost estimating to final account balancing, allowing for sharper accuracy and sidelining any unexpected fiscal hurdles.  When functions […]

Maximizing On-Site Safety & Compliance With Construction ERPs

Construction ERPs

Ever wondered how modern construction projects maintain their complex operations so seamlessly without accidents or regulatory delays? Behind some of the biggest industrial projects in 2023 is a secret sauce—Construction ERPs. Understanding Construction ERPs Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a suite of applications to manage an organization’s daily business activities. In the construction industry, ERPs […]

Going Paperless in Construction: Take the Leap

go paperless

As our world becomes increasingly more digital, you may have heard the term “paperless” be tossed around. Paperless documentation may mean something different depending on what industry you’re in. This guide goes in depth about the shift to paperless processes and digitized documents in the construction industry. We explore the shift from paper documents to […]

4 Ways to Supercharge Your Construction Progress Reports

Construction Progress Reports

For any project, properly monitoring and reporting are critical to the project’s success. For construction project management, daily reporting and monitoring is a must. These reports include all aspects of the project that may result in potential delays or the budget. These items include labor, materials, equipment, tasks, change orders, RFIs, and more. Construction sites […]

Project Management for Utilities: Making Your Life Easier

Project Management for Utilities

Did you know that the utilities industry employs over half a million people? The utility industry is critical to our everyday lives. Think about turning the lights on, lighting the stove, and flushing the toilets – without water, natural gas, and electricity, we wouldn’t be able to do these things.  In the United States, we […]

7 Tips for Better Construction Site Management

construction site management

In order to be successful in any project, there are few things you can do to make things go smoothly. Construction projects have many moving parts that need to be coordinated throughout each phase of the project. Each phase comes with its own set of challenges and complications. Construction project management software has been built […]

OpSource: Bridging the Gap Between Data Collection Tools and Field Efficiency

data collection tools

Digitizing your data allows you to better organize, track, and manage your most valuable information. OpSource makes managing your field data faster and easier. Our data collection tools are built to make your life easier. What is Data Collection? Simply speaking, data collection is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s the process of collecting […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Mapping Underground Utilities with FieldSource

utility mapping software

Utility mapping is an important step of any project that requires excavation. Utility mapping software streamlines the process and makes your life easier. What is Utility Mapping? Underground utility mapping is a process that involves using geophysical techniques to create a digital map of things buried underground. This process identifies and documents underground utilities. It […]