Digital Data Collection Tools in the Field: How to Boost Productivity and Drive Insights

Digital Data Collection Tools

For any business, increasing productivity is extremely important to any business. In the world of GIS, field personnel rely on quality data to drive productivity. 

There has been a fundamental shift in how we manage field data. Powerful software, like data collection tools have removed the need for paper and pencil, unreadable notebook scribblings, and lost data. 

With digital field data collection tools, you can streamline your operations by removing manual processes and replacing them with automated processes. These tools give you unparalleled precision with real-time updates and advanced technology in one place. These tools are an integral part of modern field operations and are a key way to drive insights and boost productivity.

The Technology Behind Digital Data Collection

With new advancements in data collection, there are a few technologies that stand out for GIS professionals. These technologies help to drive more accurate data with efficiency. All of these tools can be leveraged by your field personnel to revolutionize the field data collection process. 


The ultimate way to improve location accuracy. The rise of GPS technology has allowed for more precise location data and geotagging. Get more accurate and more reliable data to drive better decision-making with GPS technology.


Data from satellites has allowed for easier data collection in remote, inaccessible areas. It can also help to better plan with a bird-eye’s view of large areas. This is not to say that ground-level operations are not important, but adding in additional satellite imagery can change the game and lead to better decision making and more insights.


Drones are another way to collect a bird’s eye view of a specific area. With drones, you can easily collect aerial data and access areas that may be hard-to-reach or dangerous to access.

3D Mapping

Common 3D mapping and modeling using LiDAR technology. Easily create in-depth terrain analyses. LiDAR gives you more insights and more comprehensive data that can be applied to many different disciplines, like infrastructure planning.

Human Interaction

Hear us out on this one – field personnel are the ones that are really driving every aspect of data collections. These technicians have their boots on the ground and their hands dirty, collecting field data and driving insights with the help of these powerful technologies. 

Using one platform to complement data collection and integrate all of your data together is crucial in the data collection process. Software, such as OpSource’s suite of software, allow you to integrate all of these powerful technologies  into one easy-to-use platform. Compile all of your data in one place and boost field productivity and drive insights.

Boost Productivity in the Field and Streamline Operations

Using all of these technologies together can streamline your operations and lead to better, more precise data. By streamlining your processes with one platform, you can simplify workflows, reduce the need for manual processes, and make more informed decisions.

More accurate

By using digital data collection tools, you can collect more accurate, more reliable data. Data integrity is extremely important in GIS. Data collection platforms assure the accuracy of your data, leading to better decision making.

Faster (and Better) Decision Making

Data collection tools allow you to update and access data in real time. GIS managers have access to the most up-to-date information and can adapt to changing project needs, make better decisions, and manage resources.


GIS data collection tools make your field data accessible from anywhere. Having one, centralized point to access all your data allows all relevant parties to be in the know and informed. Everyone has access to the latest data. In addition, accessible data boosts productivity by eliminating miscommunications, fostering teamwork, and unifying all team members. Many of these data gathering tools allow you to gather information and access information from anywhere, including on your mobile device.


Many data collection platforms are customizable based on your specific needs. You can tailor the software to fit the needs of your projects and stay aligned with project goals.

Revolutionize Operations With Digital Data Collection

Innovations in data collection technology are revolutionizing field operations and field data collection. As these technologies continue to advance, you and your crews can collect better, more accurate data. Enhance your field operations with easy-to-use data collection software to drive insights and boost field productivity.

Take the Leap

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