Maximizing On-Site Safety & Compliance With Construction ERPs

Construction ERPs

Ever wondered how modern construction projects maintain their complex operations so seamlessly without accidents or regulatory delays? Behind some of the biggest industrial projects in 2023 is a secret sauce—Construction ERPs.

Understanding Construction ERPs

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a suite of applications to manage an organization’s daily business activities. In the construction industry, ERPs are revolutionizing how teams work, enhancing coordination, and streamlining processes.

These software solutions integrate various aspects of construction management, including project management, financials, supply chain, reporting, compliance, and human resources

Examples of Popular Construction ERPs

When it comes to construction ERPs, several stand out as popular choices among different players in the construction industry:

  • Procore is a favorite among general contractors due to its strong project management features and mobile functionality.
  • e-Builder is often the go-to selection for real estate developers and owners, offering cost management and process control features that perfectly match their needs. 
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud, formerly BIM 360, is also a major player in this space, integrating several applications and modules for an all-round construction management experience.

Safety Compliance and Construction ERPs 

In 2021, construction and extraction workers had the second most occupational deaths (951), with 12.5 deaths per 100,000 FTE workers.

To squash these numbers, safety management tools are often built into construction ERPs, allowing for easier regulation and enforcement. This includes features such as:

  • regular safety training and instructions
  • incident and near-miss reporting
  • risk assessments
  • safety equipment tracking
  • safety inspections

Because all of these elements are contained within the same system, it’s much easier to maintain consistency, accuracy, and efficiency across all projects. 

Reducing On-Site Accidents with Construction ERPs

One would ask, how does a software system ensure safety? It’s simple —making safety compliance a part of the work process. Construction ERPs are designed to incorporate safety measures right from the planning stage till the completion. Its features, like risk assessment, safety training tracking, and job hazard analysis, are intended to prevent accidents and maintain the highest safety standards.

Because the key to safety is not just about foreseeing hazards but effectively managing them.

And how do we manage them? With data.

Data-powered spaces = safe workplaces

Accurate data is the groundwork of effective planning, execution, and monitoring. Thanks  to its data-centric design, Construction ERPs provide real-time updates, reports, and analyses, which can be critical in making informed decisions regarding safety measures. 

To give you a better understanding of how this works in action, let’s break it down.

Predictive analysis

Construction ERP data can significantly aid in avoiding mishaps through predictive analytics. By collecting data such as the frequency of particular types of incidents and the conditions surrounding them, ERPs can identify trends and patterns. These findings equip construction managers with insights to mitigate potential pitfalls before they occur.

For Example…

If data suggests a higher accident rate during certain weather conditions, measures can be put in place for improved worker training and precautionary site alterations during these times. 

Real-time updates on equipment

Secondly, construction ERP systems provide real-time updates on equipment maintenance and tracking. 

Overworked or poorly maintained equipment can cause severe on-site accidents. By maintaining a complete, accurate, and timely log of equipment use and maintenance within the ERP system, potential failures can be anticipated and prevented, contributing to a safer worksite.

Drive a Safe Culture with Construction ERPs

As we’ve seen, Construction ERPs are invaluable tools that empower your teams with real-time updates and powerful predictive analysis, creating safer work environments.

Choosing the right software can make all the difference, and we recommend considering OpSource’s construction management software for your next project.

Designed with your safety and compliance needs at the forefront, our solution is your partner in creating a safety-conscious and compliant workspace that helps protect your team and ensures project success. Contact us to explore the benefits of OpSource’s construction management software today!

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