Redefining Project Management with AI

ai for project management

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the way we work. The field of project management is no exception. Many organizations are already leveraging AI tools and machine learning to improve project management procedures and drive success.

AI for Project Management

The Project Management Institute outlines the 3 A’s of AI in the field of project management. They are: Automation, Assistance, and Augmentation. These four categories are a great place to start implementing AI in your project management process. 

Continue reading below to learn more about how to utilize AI systems to manage projects. 


The first way to implement AI is through automation. In fact, many existing project management platforms already have automation features built in. For tasks that rely on very little human intervention, AI can be used to automate repetitive tasks.

These tasks may include things like generating reports, analyzing data, and performing calculations. It may automatically assign tasks or notify team members when deadlines are approaching. 

Many platforms have built in automations and standard prompts that can be customized to fit your needs. These prompts can be implemented across project teams and be used for different projects in your organization. 


Assistance refers to using AI to complement the skills of a project manager, not to replace project managers. AI may be able to help in analyzing projects, expected outcomes, budget forecasting, scope change, and scheduling. Using AI can aid in identifying project risks and reduce human error.


Augmentation uses AI to enhance, explore, and develop capabilities. What this means is that AI can be used to aid in complex tasks such as decision-making and creating business cases.

However, augmentation with AI will require project management experts to do most of the work and guide the AI tools. AI can be used to drive insights and perform tasks, but will need to be closely managed by the project manager.

Other Uses of AI in Project Management

Beyond PMI, there are a few other ways to utilize AI in your operations. They include: Predictive Analytics, Monitoring, and Resource Allocation.

For example, AI and machine learning can be used to predict trends and identify potential risks. With these risk projections, project managers can better respond to roadblocks. AI may even be able to predict challenges before they arise.

In addition, AI systems can be used to monitor projects in real time. They can process data quickl;y and keep a project manager more up-to-date. AI can take deadlines, completed tasks, and project schedules and compile them into one report that shows project status in real time.

Another way AI can help is with resourcing. Project resources include anything from budget, to equipment, to employees, and even time. AI can optimize resource allocation and make recommendations based on past projects. AI can even aid in task management and time management.

Benefits of AI in Project Management

There are many benefits to implementing AI in your project management procedures. We’ve compiled them into 3 main categories: decision making, efficiency, and cost reduction.

Make Better Decisions

AI can help your organization make better decisions for individual projects and across the organization. Artificial intelligence can quickly and easily sort through and analyze data. It can then spit out easy to read reports that outline key insights and important findings. 

AI can be used to show areas of improvement, potential project delays, and more. Allowing you and your team to better respond to potential delays and keep projects on track and on time.


AI is a great way to boost productivity and efficiency across your organization. AI tools can be used to automate repetitive tasks and give your employees more time to focus on the more complex parts of a process.

With AI, your teams will be able to complete projects faster, with more accuracy and less errors. In addition, you may be able to reduce project delays and go over budget with AI tools.

Reduce Costs

By boosting company efficiency and making better decisions with AI, you can save your organization money. AI can take care of repetitive tasks and reduce project timelines, leading to less overhead. It allows you to allocate resources purposefully and save you money. 

In Summary

The rise of AI has so many benefits in so many different fields. In the field of project management, AI can be used to automate tasks, allocate resources, provide assistance, and monitor projects. It can boost productivity and increase efficiency, while reducing costs.

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